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Kind Words

fun to work with           WORKED DAY AND NIGHT          attention to detail
TRUE PROFESSIONAL                         beautiful way with words
grace under pressure and good cheer       BEST COOKBOOK WRITER IN AMERICA

Art Smith and I wrote two books together, one of which won the James Beard Award. “Mary, you are the best cookbook writer in America, and I thank you for making my books sound so good!…You took my ideas and helped me create a book for American families.”

Michel Nischan and I have written three books. Our second is Homegrown: Pure and Simple  and in it he said:
“Thanks, Mary Goodbody, for helping me write another one. Why is it that the busier and more disorganized I get, the more patient you get? You’re a great friend and a highly valued colleague.”

Rick Tramonto and I wrote Steak and Friends, our fifth book. He wrote:
“Thanks to my friend and cowriter, Mary Goodbody, who for the fifth time has helped me put all my thoughts and recipes into this book. Thanks for your attention to detail and for making me sound so good and for all of the kumbaya”

Holly Arnold Kinney and I worked together on her book, Shinin’ Times at the Fort. She said:
“When I decided to self-publish this book, I assembled an “A” team to help me. Mary Goodbody is our talented editor who I’ve known for more than twenty years…Thank you so much for being such a great editor for my first cookbook and being my voice! I wrote a lot and you kept my voice while you chopped. You are so talented. It was such fun to work with a friend and such pro. Thanks for making my dream come true.”

With Sasa Mahr-Batuz and Andy Pforzheimer I wrote The Barcelona Cookbook. They said:
“Mary Goodbody worked day and night to turn our thoughts into words and even spent time shivering in fish coolers and butchering steaks.”

I wrote two cookbooks for Morton’s Steakhouse with Klaus Fritsch, one of the restaurant’s founders. Klaus said:
“Thanks especially to Mary Goodbody, who worked with Chris, Roger and me to get our recipes and philosophy onto the pages of a book.”

In the second book, he wrote: “I also want to thank Mary Goodbody who put together the manuscript for us. She worked closely with me to ensure that all our ideas were clearly realized and the information and recipes accurate.”

Carmine’s Family-Style Cookbook was written with the late Michael Ronis. When Carmine’s CEO, Jeffrey Bank, wrote the acknowledgement for the book, he said:

“Mary Goodbody is a true professional in every sense who worked tirelessly with Michael to translate corporate recipes into household recipes that still match the flavor of Carmine’s.”

A long time ago, I wrote The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing with Jay Kordich. In the acknowledgements to the book, which was on the New York Times Bestseller List for 16 or 17 weeks, Jay wrote:
“Enormous thanks to Mary Goodbody, a brilliant wordsmith. She has a beautiful way with words and helped me say everything just the way I wanted to say it. Thanks for all your work, your grace under pressure, and your good cheer.”

Going back a little more, I wrote An American Place with Larry Forgione. This was the first book I worked on but because it ended up taking years to complete, it was not my first book. Larry wrote:
“Let me first thank the person who stuck by this project over the years and without whom this book would never have been completed: Mary Goodbody. As my personal editor, she sat through many hours of interviews, questions, answers, recipes, and made sense out of my thoughts and ideas and put them into words.”

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