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Food for the Dogs…or for the Birds?


Charlie has a snack

My friends who are lucky enough to live in Hawaii have a righteous labrador named Vinnie. I have known Gloria since high school (and no, not in Hawaii!) and in those days her mom’s hairdresser was called Vinnie. This guy moonlighted as a chaperone (babysitter?) for Glo and her brother Don. I didn’t know her too well when Vinnie oversaw the shenanigans at their house, but I hear they were pretty raucous. And so when an adorable, wriggling black lab pup entered her life a number of years ago, she naturally named him Vinnie. Huh? Makes sense to her.

Last fall Vinnie (the dog, not the hairdresser) was diagnosed with cancer and while he is doing extremely well (with some help from chemotherapy and a lot of TLC from his family), his diet has changed drastically. Gloria’s son Ian takes care of Vinnie day to day and prepares his meals. Ian is a good cook and so making dog food does not daunt him. He cooks Vin hamburgers for breakfast and supper, and augments them with a melange of shredded veggies. Every few weeks, Ian and Gloria prepare Vinnie’s meals. Gloria’s job is to fill the serving-sized, plastic bags with vegetables destined for the freezer.

Ian and Gloria were working diligently last Sunday, shredding veggies, stuffing bags, and generally making sure Vin would get the best food possible in the weeks to come, when Charlie joined the party. Charlie is a very noisy bird who speaks fluent Korean (in another life he lived in Seoul). Of course, I have no idea if his Korean actually is fluent, but he chatters constantly when he’s not eating, and it sounds impressive (I only speak  English, so what do I know?).

Most of the time Charlie and his avian buddy Skippy live on the lanai next to the pool, housed  in big, airy cages, but they also spend a lot of time hopping around the house. Evidently Charlie likes Vinnie’s food, too.

 Yummm! All for me

Life in paradise. Aloha!

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  1. Marnie permalink
    10/21/2011 10:46 pm

    Sounds like paradise to me.

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