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And Now for Something Pretty Boring…


Back in the good old days, I never paid much attention to nutritional analysis. When an author I was working with brought it up, I changed the subject as quickly as I could. Why spend the extra time and money breaking down the recipe into calories, fiber, fat, carbs, and so on?

Times have changed. I am sensitive now to the dietary needs of people with chronic diseases and similar problems. Sure, the breakdowns are helpful for people trying to lose weight, but how about people with diabetes? Heart disease? Celiac’s disease? Many of these folks have to consider every bite of food they put in their mouths — which is far easier to contemplate if you know exactly what is in the food.

Thankfully, food companies have to label their products. I find these labels useful, if sometimes laughable. Have you ever looked at the serving sizes? Yeah, sure. Maybe a family of gnomes could get four servings out of that can of soup. I sure can’t! But never mind. I can do simple math in my head and the nutritional analyses are very helpful.

So, this is my current soapbox. From now on, I am going to suggest my clients include nutritional breakdowns. Why not?

copyright © Mary Goodbody

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  1. 02/15/2011 3:17 am

    Hooray for supporting people with diabetes and celiac! Boring? Maybe. Important? Heck yes.

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