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Welcome to my website. I am a writer who specializes in food, although I love to write about other topics. I am most intrigued by what makes people passionate about their subject or field of interest, and like to help them express themselves.

My body of work represents this. I have written books with high-end chefs with complicated, yet amazing, recipes and also a book celebrating singer Sheryl Crow’s favorite healthful dishes. I have written extensively about meat… and extensively about chocolate. I have written about how to make a cocktail and how to stage your house to sell it. Go to “About Me” to discover more.

I write a blog from this site–a blog that talks a lot about food and farming, and also touches on some aspects of my life. With my seven brothers and sisters, I own a small farm in northwestern New Jersey, which is farmed by Matt and Tara, two very passionate people who grow organic vegetables and raise pastured livestock for their operation, Howling Wolf Farm. (For more on their farm, go to Favorite Links.) I don’t actually dig in the fields, but I support everyone who does! And Matt’s food is amazing, as you will read in my blog now and then. Many of the photos of the farm were taken by Tara, who is a better photographer than I am. I think you’ll be able to tell the difference pretty easily. 

You also might read about my brothers and sisters, too, who share the responsibility for our farm. And in August, my daughter Laura  and Brian Cook were married on the farm. Big doings! I write about it in the piece called A Wedding This Summer.

I don’t live on the farm, but visit as often as I can. I live on the Connecticut coastline, not too far from New York City.

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